“Ayurveda is about healing the entire being, not simply treating the condition”

"Food becomes you" - a new book authored by Cathy-Mae and Jo Withers, chef and dietician. This seasonal approach to cooking encourages a modern use of Ayurveda. Please feel welcome to download recipes. Enjoy!

All of us are interested in good health and in living with happiness. Ayurveda, often coined the Science of Life, is knowing how to live well. Concerned with the whole person, Ayurveda is interested not only in freedom from disease, but in living in good health. It offers various treatments including dietary and lifestyle programmes as well as counselling therapies that attend to the causes behind our ailments.
Ayurveda recognises the differences between people, and tailors treatment accordingly. One-on-one consultations enable in-depth analysis leading to personalised treatment plans. Ayurveda is interested in healing rather than curing so that even when we have an incurable disease, we learn to live with optimal health, able to care for ourselves with care.
The basis of the holistic science is acknowledgement of the whole being – our bodies and senses; minds, desires and emotions – and the belief that good health comes as a result of harmony between these areas. By treating each of these aspects, a healing process is facilitated by cultivating a mindset free of the stress which perpetuates illness. Thus, the power is handed to the patient as the practitioner helps them to unlock their inner capacity to heal and live their life as a healthy, happy individual.

To heal in this way is to become whole. Even a person free from physical disease can be empowered by Ayurveda to live in harmony with their very being, enabling themselves to make the most of their life.

To take your self-understanding beyond 'that which is regarded as healthy' to 'what works well for me', I offer both consultations and the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Personal Development Module. Ayurveda is also intrinsically interwoven into the Integrated Yoga Therapy Course and consultations.