Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurvedic consultations are one-to-one sessions in which the Ayurvedic Practitioner assesses you as an entire being, not simply in terms of any symptoms you may present. This assessment will consider first your strength and state of health, and then any medical conditions or imbalances you may have. A careful investigation involves a series of questions to gain insight and understanding. Some physical examination will be taken, including eye, tongue, pulse, skin, hands and face. The assessment will be made over two sessions and will include preliminary comment on diet and lifestyle at the initial session, with more detailed feedback and a programme offered at the second session.
Prior to the initial consultation, you may be asked to complete a lifestyle and dietary diary for 6 consecutive days to provide material for review.

Initial sessions last for 1.5 hours (£75)
Follow-up sessions last for 1 hour (£50)
The first two sessions will usually be at least 1 week apart.

If you are being treated for a condition, the Ayurvedic Practitioner may wish to contact your GP to share information. However, this contact will only be made with your approval.