One-to-One Mindfulness, MBSR

Mindfulness helps us discover our resourcefulness and develop a clear, compassionate mind. These courses take your experience of mindfulness further. They are one-to-one versions of the Mindfulness is Now or 8-week MBSR course, tailored to suit the individual participant according to their personal needs. These sessions can take place either face-to-face or via skype:

Face-to-face sessions

Eight customised face-to-face sessions.

Cost: £520

Face-to-face & telephone
A personalised rather than group experience. Eight contact sessions divided equally between face-to-face and telephonic sessions,
although there are courses that rely exclusively on the latter when geography is prohibitive.

Cost: £495

Skype sessions
I also deliver sessions on skype which can be either 8 hourly sessions "face-to-face" on skype or a course of four one-and-a-half hour sessions over 8 weeks.

Cost: £480 (8 hours) or £340 (6 hours)

All people taking the course receive a course workbook to support their learning.

Please download the CD: Living Mindfully from iTunes.