Yoga & Meditation to live your passion wisely!


Learn to live the life you wish to live! Discover your mind and guide your life and your choices intelligently. Cultivate awareness of the present moment and where it comes from. 

The steps on the path to enlightenment can help us learn to live the life we wish to live. This course teaches the next foothold in the Steps of the Path to Enlightenment based on the teaching Liberation in the palm of your hand. In this Summer term, we focus on specific techniques and practices to follow our passion to ensure that our meditation and yoga practices serve us to live well and with joy.

Forthcoming Course: Fridays, 1000-1230 Friday 28 Sept - 7 Dec 2012.
Venue: Bletchingley, TBC.

For downloads of MP3s to support your practices, please click here:
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