Integrated Yoga Therapy™

Further your own development and qualify as a yoga therapist
eligible for the CNHC Register!                                                                                 

The Integrated Yoga Therapy
Course combines yoga, Ayurveda and Mindfulness. We learn why we fall ill and how to heal with special emphasis on cultivating successful therapist-patient rapport. The practical component of the course has been developed rigorously and professionally, including case studies and a brief internship alongside practice teaching, presentations and case reviews.


This course expands your understanding of yoga through gaining deeper insight into the classical yoga teachings, and the integrated teachings of Ayurveda and mindfulness, offering closer consideration of the healing and therapeutic facets of these traditions. As David Frawley, eminent Yogi and Ayurvedic doctor, says: “with a good training in Ayurveda, a yoga therapist can function as a primary health care provider and use yoga in its optimal healing capacity”. The course draws upon the relevant philosophical roots and teachings of these traditions posing concrete therapeutic models and approaches. Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, provides the logical medical basis for this course. Bodily systems and related disorders are also considered from an allopathic perspective, allowing graduates to work alongside western health systems and professionals. The course develops both your practical capabilities as a yoga therapist, and also hones your personal development, facilitating insight into and experience of healing and restoring wholeness.  We come to ensure that yoga therapy works. The course is devised in accordance with the British Council for Yoga Therapy requirements rendering participants eligible for placement on the Yoga Therapy Register of the CNHC.

The programme spans a 24-month period and is practical, experiential, and professionally rigorous. For more detailed information, please see the
Course Information.
Format: non-residential, weekends; 2 residential retreats; webinars; audio recorded teachings.