MBYT brings greater focus to the yoga aspect of mindfulness training.

MBYT has been developed to embrace and influence yoga training, yoga teaching and yoga therapy. Thus while the ‘Y’ component is being enhanced to focus greater attention to yoga, the ‘T’ is versatile and stands for training, teaching and therapy.

The tiers of MBYT on offer are as follows:

Mindfulness-based Yoga Training

This six-day programme is open to all yoga practitioners who wish to cultivate mindfulness through their yoga practice.

Many of us seek the benefits that mindfulness offers – insight, clarity, wisdom, patience and wellbeing. We associate our yoga practices with these qualities and it is therefore a natural progression to approach the latter limbs of yoga through cultivating improved awareness of every moment.

Who is eligible: all who practice yoga in its variety of forms.

Mindfulness-based Yoga Teaching

The Practicum is a nine-day retreat designed to train yoga teachers in how to deliver MBYT programmes to their yoga students. This initiative is modelled on the MBSR and MBCT programmes which utilise retreats as a way of immersing participants in mindfulness. On the basis of this training, teachers will be eligible to deliver 8-week MBYT programmes in accordance with the guidelines stipulated on the course.

The nine-day practicum has two embedded components: (i) a five-day retreat, similar to the Mindfulness-based Yoga Training programme outlined above, and (ii) a four-day immersion for teachers who participate in the five-day programme and then remain behind to review the specificities of how to deliver the MBYT programme.

Who is eligible: all who practice yoga are eligible for the 5-day component while the full Practicum is open to all yoga teachers.

Mindfulness-based Yoga Therapy

With scientific evidence mounting to show the efficacy of Mindfulness approaches it is natural to embed these teachings more rigorously into yoga therapy. The Integrated Yoga Therapy training course offers the route through which yoga teachers could undertake therapy training with specific emphasis on integrating mindfulness in their approach to working with patients. For further information on this programme, please see the current IYT course at http://www.cathymae.com/iyt

Who is eligible: yoga teachers who hold a qualification recognised by the British Council for Yoga Therapy and who have taught for two years.