Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently asked Questions

 I see that several courses are being offered.  What is the difference between them?

There are different tiers of MBYT on offer.

Mindfulness- based Yoga Training which can be taken as a 6-day programme (40+hrs) or an 8 week programme (20+) both have an additional silent day retreat.  Both are experiential programmes designed to cultivate mindfulness through personal yoga practice bringing the established benefits that mindfulness offers and further deepening your yoga experience.  Clearly, the two courses differ in contact hours although the essential components covered remain the same.  The 6 day course allows for more guided practices and additional sharing of experiences within a group making it a deeper richer learning experience.  This course is recommended if you are thinking of teaching MBYT.

Mindfulness-based Yoga Teaching is currently offered as a 6-day training retreat and is designed to train yoga teachers how to deliver MBYT programmes to their yoga students.  Here over the 6 days participants are immersed in mindfulness.  First they experience the MBY Training; re-visiting practices to help consolidate on-going personal development which is central to teaching.  The remaining days consist of unique opportunities to practice teaching and benefit from both peer group feedback and supervision from the instructors.  While intended as training for those wishing to teach others may use it to explore the possibility of teaching and whether that is the right way forward for them.

Mindfulness-based Yoga Therapy is embedded within yoga therapy training offered in the Integrated Yoga Therapy Course.  Here there is specific emphasis in integrating mindfulness in working with patients.  This is a two year course leading to professional recognition as a yoga therapist and is open to qualified yoga teachers.  Please see IYT for further details.

·       Am I expected to complete all of the MBYT courses and is there a set order?

The simple answer is not if you don’t want to.  The Mindfulness-based yoga training is the foundation offering both yoga practitioners and yoga teachers an opportunity to deepen their own yoga and as this is essentially about personal development it can be taken once or indeed many times.  Those wishing to teach Mindfulness-based yoga training as an 8 week programme should in addition attend the 6 day training retreat.  See diagram above.

·      What makes MBYT different to MBSR or MBCT?

Mindfulness-based stress reduction and Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy were originally developed to serve a clinical community and have subsequently expanded to address similar needs within many other sectors including specialist groups, education and business as well as the general public wanting to bring balance to their lives.  In many instances they cater for individuals with little or no experience of either mindfulness or yoga.  This course, MBYT, is specifically for those who practice yoga or teach yoga and may already have experience of mindfulness, although this is not essential.  It presents an opportunity for integrating mindfulness and yoga to allow the practitioner to really embrace and bring to life the teachings of the Yoga Sutras.  Mindfulness allows for the “sharpening of the lens” bringing clarity and wisdom as the veils of ignorance are lifted enabling space to deal with mental afflictions and bring about transformation.

·      What can I expect to get from the Mindfulness-based Yoga Training programme?

The Mindfulness-based Yoga Training programme is a practical experiential course aimed at personal development.  It provides an opportunity for those interested in exploring integrating mindfulness and yoga to deepen their own personal practice.  It is not just tagging mindfulness to yoga; it is much greater than the sum of the parts and offers a way of approaching the latter limbs of yoga.  Clearly, it has the benefits that mindfulness brings of insight, clarity, wisdom, patience and well-being while enhancing your yoga by cultivating awareness of every moment.  It cultivates the central tenet of yoga, compassion, kindness and love and further serves with yoga to refine the personality and mastery of the mind.  It is the vehicle of transformation.

·      What is the essence of the Mindfulness-based Yoga Training course?

Mindfulness-based Yoga Training is a way for interested yoga practitioners to move along their yoga path, deepening their own practice through the experience of moment to moment awareness.

·      Who is this course intended for?

Anyone interested in exploring their yoga both for personal use bringing MBYT into their lives and for professionals, yoga teachers, to bring it into their work.  To teach the 8 week MBYT programme yoga teachers are required to take the MBY Teaching  programme which is currently run as a 6 day Training Retreat.

·      What, if any, are the requirements for the MBYT course?

The Mindfulness-based Yoga Training programme is open to anyone who practices yoga, in all forms, and has an interest in cultivating mindfulness through their yoga practice.  It is offered in two formats: a 6 day programme and an 8 week programme consisting of sessions of 2.5 hours.  

The Mindfulness-based Yoga Teaching is for yoga teachers holding a recognised qualification.  They will have already completed the MBY Training or an appropriate 8 week Mindfulness programme.  They will also have completed a minimum of 5 days silent retreat within the last year or prior to commencing teaching - individual cases can be discussed.

·      Do I have to have done an 8 week MBSR/MBCT course or other mindfulness training prior to taking this course?

No, that is not necessary.  However, if you have you may be eligible to attend the 6 day training retreat directly if you are a yoga teacher wishing to teach.

·      If I have already undertaken some mindfulness training is there any point in me taking this course

This is a personal decision for you to make.  However, it may be that if you are drawn to mindfulness and that you regularly practice or teach yoga you may find this course beneficial.  It is specifically aimed at the yoga community and is using mindfulness to take yoga to a much deeper level.  Like all mindfulness trainings it is experiential focusing on personal development allowing us to bring these teachings into our lives and work.

·      Can I use this course for CPD for the BWY?

The British Wheel of Yoga has a set formula for CPD including recognised IST days and BWY modules and approved courses.  Courses outside of this remit may be considered eligible by the attendee if they are related to their personal development and may benefit them as a yoga teacher.  So while the course itself cannot claim to be accredited by the BWY it soundly falls within this remit if the attendee wishes to use it as such.

·      Does it allow me to teach Mindfulness?

If you have completed the MBY Training and the MBY Teaching you are then able to teach the MBYT 8 week programme to your yoga students. 

It is expected that you will have a regular supervision process with an experienced mindfulness-based teacher.  Ideally, this would include reflection on personal practice, enquiry regarding mindfulness teaching as well as feedback on teaching and a continued participation in teacher-led mindfulness meditation retreats.  These are in line with the UK Mindfulness Trainers’ Network –Good practice guidance for teaching mindfulness based courses 2010.  It may be that you do not wish to teach the 8 week programme but would like to integrate these teachings throughout your regular yoga teachings or therapeutic work.  This is possible if you have completed the 6-day MBY Training but remembering that authenticity of teaching comes from your own practice and experience, so some may feel confident at this point while others might like to have the opportunity to practice offered in the MBY teaching.  It is a personal choice.

·      Will I receive a recognised qualification/teaching qualification at the end?

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance stipulating the course attended, content covered and number of contact hours. 

There are no official awarding bodies for the teaching of mindfulness just guidelines for appropriate qualifications and trainings for those wishing to teach it.  These have been followed closely in the designing of these courses.  Furthermore, it is recommended that those teaching mindfulness should have attended a minimum of a 5 day silent retreat.

In brief, the UK Mindfulness Trainers’ Network Good Practice Guidance suggests

o   Teachers should hold a professional qualification recognised by the community in which they wish to teach (Recognised Yoga Teaching Qualification)

o   Prior knowledge of the population that the mindfulness approach will be used for (Yoga students)

o   Familiarity through personal participation with the mindfulness curriculum they will be teaching (MBY Training 6 days or 8 week programme)

o   Completion of in- depth rigorous mindfulness teacher led training (6 day Training Retreat)

o   Engagement in supervison – as outlined above

o   Continuing commitment to personal mindfulness practice and engagement in further trainings to continue to develop skills

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