Ayurveda Module


“I found the Ayurveda module truly inspirational and it has helped me to look at the way I live my life and pass on yoga teachings to my students from a new angle. I am eagerly awaiting a further module!

“I found the course to be a revelation for me and my understanding of myself, my yoga practice and my other fitness qualifications and experiences.  I enjoyed all of the sessions very much indeed (even though some of them made me cry, which was part of the experience of self knowledge). I would recommend the course to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves!”


“When I started the Ayurveda for Yoga People BWY module, I had certain expectations of what the course would be. My expectations were exceeded; I received much more, a true personal development. I received more personal insight and self-understanding with the help of the group dynamics and Cathy Mae's extensive knowledge and enthusiasm. Cathy Mae has a skilful way of relating Ayurvedic principles to daily life which helps maintain the balance between the macrocosm and the microcosm.


"I completed the Ayurveda module with Cathy in 2008/9 and can honestly say that it was a very positive experience on many levels. The course content was interesting and life changing and triggered a thirst for additional learning, while Cathy Mae's teaching style is warm, wise and inspiring. If you are thinking of attending one of Cathy Mae's courses I urge you to sign up now - you won't regret it!"

Journey of the Soul – an intensive 3 year course brought to a close in Summer 2009


“I snuck in to the last two terms of Cathy Mae’s ‘Journey of the Soul’ course as a friend had said how much she had been getting from it.  This turned out to be an understatement for me.  Since then I attended Cathy-Mae’s 8-week MBSR program.  I have grown so much since studying with Cathy-Mae, whose style of teaching and delivery is second to none, and I don’t want it to stop.  To this end I have enrolled with Cathy-Mae for the BWY teacher training course.  So be warned, Cathy-Mae is very special and you may just find yourself doing all sorts of things you never thought you’d attempt.”


“It has been a most powerful experience being part of a group of like-minded individuals with Cathy-Mae leading and guiding us. It has been invaluable in showing a way of connecting with the Divine, which both replenishes and alters one’s perspective in a most enhancing way.“


“'Journey of the Soul ' was a worthwhile time spent with very worthwhile people - always an indication that the 'journey' is taking you along the right road.  It is difficult to pin point here the insights gleamed, as there were many, but it opened up many avenues for continued self exploration and no doubt more assisted learnings to be enjoyed with more lovely, insightful people… This is where you will find them.


"Cathy Mae is an invaluable source of inspiration and knowledge and her Journey of The Soul course gave me the understanding and space I had been searching for in my quest for inner peace ".  




“The Mindfulness course brings up many initial frustrations but the teachings filter through into the unconscious mind and before you know it – you are ‘responding’ and not ‘reacting’.  I have used the teachings and practices of the course in many aspects of my life, and highly recommend it to everyone.  The simplicity of the practices are profound!”


“As a yoga teacher, I have recommended to all my students that they study with Cathy-Mae. I have learnt so much doing the Journey of the Soul and the Mindfulness course. It is the combination of the learning and the practice. I always enjoyed the classes, her depth of knowledge, helping the students gently to shift focus when stuck, encouraging us with warmth, humour and wit. It has been my pleasure and honour to study with her and I hope to continue to do so. The Journey of the Soul and the Mindfulness courses have helped me grow as a person, to find an inner strength and an inner peace. Now even when I'm in the throws of emotions I'm
aware of an inner space that doesn't get caught up.”


BWY Teacher Training


“I don't think you come across your teacher by accident. I followed my instinct having met Cathy Mae and she has guided my through yoga teacher training, mindfulness and the journey of the soul. I have been hugely rewarded and continue to grow and be inspired by her words. She is truly special and I remain ever grateful.”


"Cathy-Mae's BWY teacher training course has been a revelation. Supportive and thorough in her supervision, she not only ensures you tick all the boxes as a competent teacher, but her subtle tweaks to course work and personal insight instil a whole new way of thinking that takes your understanding of yoga and life to a whole new level."


"Cathy-Mae is an inspired teacher, she combines amazing knowledge with a gentle compassion and a lovely sense of humour! If you are lucky enough to have the chance to go on one of her courses, take it!"


"I'm so pleased that I have been a part of this amazing course. My colleagues in the group have all been so supportive, encouraging and kind; and I am sure I will be friends with many of them for years to come. Cathy Mae has been such an inspiration; she is very kind, caring, aware, supportive and fun. She encourages us to be the best we can and so we all work very hard. All the hard work has definitely paid off, although it is hard work- there is no denying it; but it has been the best 2 years of my life, and I have learned so much and so much about myself. The course has flown by and I can't believe how much we have all grown and developed.  When I started out I was a very nervous speaker and hated presenting to others.  Now I have much more confidence  and the course has helped me in all aspects of life and work.  And now I am teaching yoga. In a nutshell I have loved every minute of the course, and it has really opened my mind and eyes."


“Cathy Mae is a wonderful teacher, she knows her subject intimately and teaches from the heart. Her style of teaching is informative, compassionate and supportive.  She raises the bar – so that her students can achieve excellence. I took my Teacher Training course with Cathy Mae and there was not one stone left unturned; I felt hugely prepared in every aspect for my external assessments and for going “live’ with my teaching.  She ensured that we had everything in place, our course work was rich and meticulous – this has paid off, as years later I still use it as a point of reference.  If you are thinking about teaching yoga, this course is for you, there is no doubt that you have to put the effort in to attain the high standards required but the rewards are invaluable. “


"Cathy-Mae embodies all the qualities you could hope for in a course tutor - professional, knowledgeable and inspiring. She has a gentle wisdom and authority and combines this with thoughtful insight, bringing out the best in all."

"Cathy-Mae will get the very best from you, with kindness, humour - and determination!  Expect to work hard, and achieve a lot."