"Yoga reminds us to love"

The ancient practice of yoga was initially devised to purify the body as a means to still the mind. Thousands of years later, yoga is now prominent in the Western world as it continues to develop as a living science.

While it is excellent physical activity, yoga considers not only the body, but the breath, the mind, and our entire sense of well-being. It offers ways of restoring health at both a physical and emotional level. Activity of the physical body fine-tunes the activity of the mind; at the same time, peace of mind focuses the body's movement to be purposeful and effective as well as comfortable and healthy. Yoga aims to relieve suffering and bring comfort to our entire being, not just the physical body.

I offer the British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Diploma, the Integrated Yoga Therapy course, and mentoring for yoga teachers and students. Because of my work in Ayurveda and mindfulness, my yoga courses are enriched by ancient understanding as well as current research and a focus on the present.